4DBrix Double Crossover RC Train Track

1 set of double crossover train track.
Width: 24 studs (not counting the throws)
Length: 48 studs
Track Spacing: 16 studs center to center
Curve Radius: 40 studs
Fully anti-studded.
Material: PLA

210.1 is a double crossover with all the ground throws on the outside. It’s equivalent to the discontinued LEGO® set 7996. The 4 switches of the crossover are independent, this means that two trains can pass the crossover simultaneously.

210.2: with the ground throws on the inside/outside This configuration has a smaller foot print.

210.3: with the ground throws on the inside. This configuration has the smallest foot print; it has the same footprint as the LEGO® 7996. In order to get all the ground throws on the inside they had to be moved 2 studs closer to the tracks. The ground throws are far enough from the track for standard LEGO® trains and cars to pass.

Please note, these are 3D printed, not mass produced, so small variances and imperfections from piece to piece are expected. Additionally, the color match is not perfect, inspect the photos for an idea of what to expect. Designed by 4DBrix, printed with permission.