4DBrix R88 RC Wide Radius Curve Train Track (8pcs)

8 pieces of R88 curved train track.
Width: 8 studs
Radius: 88 studs
Curve: 11.25°
Fully anti-studded.
Material: PLA

These R88 curves are designed to be fully compatible with L-gauge track. They fit into layouts that have parallel tracks spaced at an 8 stud distance. The curves cover an angle of 11.25° so you need 8 curves for a 90° turn or 32 for a closed loop.

Please note, these are 3D printed, not mass produced, so small variances and imperfections from piece to piece are expected. Additionally, the color match is not perfect, inspect the photos for an idea of what to expect. Designed by 4DBrix, printed with permission.