BrickTracks R104 x8 Curved Train Track

8 pieces of r104 curved train track.
Width: 8 studs
Length: 11.25 degrees
Curve Radius: 104 studs
Fully anti-studded.
Material: ABS
Injection Molded

Expand your train layout with wide radius curved track! Each high quality injection molded track piece is fully compatible with standard L-Guage train track. The R value refers to the radius of the circle the track creates. Standard curves are R40: a 40 stud radius circle. Thus R56, 72, 88, etc create a circle 16 studs larger than the step below, allowing you to run parallel curved track with 16 studs center to center. The color is matched to dark blueish gray.

Sold in boxes of 8 track sections. A complete circle of will require 4 boxes.