R104 9V Wide Radius Train Track /w Metal Rails (8pcs)

Custom 3D Printed Metal Rail L-Gauge 9V compatible R104 Train Track. 1 order is 8 pieces.

Expand your train layout with wide radius curved track! Each track piece is fully compatible with standard L-Gauge train track and carries electricity just like 9V track. The R value refers to the radius of the circle the track creates. Standard L-Gauge curves are R40: a 40 stud radius circle. Thus R56, 72, 88, etc create a circle 16 studs larger than the step below, allowing you to run parallel curved track with 16 studs center to center.
Please note, these are 3D printed, not mass produced, so small variances and imperfections from piece to piece are expected. Additionally, the color match is not perfect, inspect the photos for an idea of what to expect. Bottom clutch is excellent, top clutch is fair.
A complete circle of each radius will require the following amount of pieces:
R56: 16
R72: 16
R88: 32
R104: 32
R120: 32
Lastly, these are made to order. If you place a large order, there is a correspondingly long production time. Also, there may be other orders ahead of yours. Please expect 2-6 weeks before shipment unless otherwise notified.