R68 Siding Curve designed by BrickTracks

1 r68 curved train track.
Width: 8 studs
Length: 28.07 degrees
Curve Radius: 68 studs
Fully anti-studded.
Material: PLA

Why R68? R68 is a happy Pythagorean triple meaning that no non-integer length straight section tracks are required to keep your track aligned with the studs on a baseplate. Because of it’s length, this curve can not be used on its own to make a circle, it is intended to be used immediately after an R68 switch to form a parallel branch. Track designed by BrickTracks, original product design by Cameron Miller.

Please note, these are 3D printed, not mass produced, so small variances and imperfections from piece to piece are expected. Additionally, the color match is not perfect, inspect the photos for an idea of what to expect. Designed by BrickTracks, printed with permission.