4pcs 4×4 Dish 3960pb005 and 2pcs 6×6 Dish 44375apb01 for set 7675

Listing is for a set of 6 custom UV printed radar dishes designed to replace 3960pb005 (x4) and 44375apb01 (x2) for set 7675 AT-TE Walker. Please inspect the photos for an idea of the quality. Due to the stud sticking up from the dish, the print heads can’t get as close as they ideally would. This results in a little blurring, especially at the edges. However, these for $4.50/ea vs $25/ea for originals from the aftermarket, it’s hard to complain.

Stickers for 7675 are available here.

The dishes themselves are brand new light blueish gray official pieces.

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